When was the last time someone took a good look at your Gymnasium Equipment and Bleachers?

Many schools do not have a periodic maintenance program to catch problems before Gymnasium Equipment and Bleachers break or possibly become unsafe. An annual inspection by a qualified person will help identify problems. More importantly, this inspection and routine maintenance can extend the useful life of your equipment and bleachers for years. This maintenance and inspection also meets your NFPA 102 Bleacher Inspection requirement. Maffei Strayer Furnishings’ professional and certified employees will perform a complete inspection which includes the following:

  • Overall structure review, tightening loose fittings, replacing missing hardware, and lubricating contact points.
  • Operation of bleachers, backstops and other equipment to look and listen for proper alignment, sequence and binding. Verify backstops are plumb and limit switches are properly set.
  • Verify all row locks and operation guides are locking and releasing properly on bleachers.
  • Check all bleacher railings to be sure they are secure and safe when set in their use position
  • Remote key or wireless check
  • Bleacher power system inspection will include drive wheel condition, electrical harness safety and attachment of the power system to the bleacher structure.
  • Equipment winch inspection will include cable condition and electrical attachment to the building.