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Irwin Seating and Irwin Telescopic Seating Brochures:

  • The Irwin Difference – Irwin Seating Company provides public seating solutions, offering design options and state-of-art engineering.
  • Arena & Stadium Seating Brochure – Innovative designs and manufacture of durable products while conceptualizing the physical environment to ensure audience comfort.
  • Chair Platform Seating – Superior materials, the latest technology, and advanced engineering techniques to meet your needs for telescopic seating.
  • Theatre Seating – Focuses on the unique design and appearance of every facility and includes the most popular components.
  • 4C Chair Platform Brochure – Presenting the latest industry advancement developed by Irwin Seating Company, offering flexible options while utilizing traditional seats, backs, and accessories. Key points: Aesthetically pleasing, versatility, interchangeability, economic.
  • Auditorium Seating Brochure – Irwin’s specialized seating provides many possible chair combinations by using a component based system.
  • Lecture Room Brochure – Optimal table and seating solutions providing E-Link and data systems for classrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums and training facilities.
  • Worship Seating Brochure – Multiple seating solutions to provide the right product and options that will enhance your sanctuary’s worship experience.
    “…function, comfort and beauty…”